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Stay Cool and Save with Truck Window Covers

Get year ’round protection from the harsh elements while saving money on fuel with a set of CleanandCool Premium Truck Window Covers.

Clean and Cool Premium Window Covers are easily installed, improve cab insulation and provide all the privacy you need! They’re easy to put on and take off, and hand-made with high quality materials.

How Much Time Do You Spend in Your Truck Cab?

Nobody likes being stuck in a truckstop for days waiting for the next load. Yet, in today’s sluggish economy it’s becoming all too common. The least you can do is provide yourself with a little privacy and protection.

Protect Yourself…

1/8 Inch FoamNot only from prying eyes, but the elements as well. Deluxe Privacy Window Covers use a 1/8 inch high density foam between a white high quality marine grade vinyl on the outside to reflect the harsh glare of the sun and your choice colors (gray, tan, or maroon) for the inside you are sure to find a match for the interior of your cab.

Layover or no layover, motel rooms are rarely in the budget. For long haul truck drivers, your truck is your HOME! Your truck is often the only place you have to relax, watch TV, surf the Internet….or even cook & eat. With Clean and Cool Premium Window Covers you can now take advantage of the whole cab… not just the sleeper!

Reflect Sunlight Away From Your Truck Cab

White truck cover exterior reflects the sunlight

White cover exterior reflects the sunlight away, keeping your cab cooler in the summer.

Choose from Three Great Colors to Match Your Cab

CleanandCool Premium Covers come in Gray, Tan and Maroon

With three different colors (grey, tan, and maroon) to choose from, you are sure to find a match for the interior of your cab.

Ask yourself… Would you rather live with this…

Exposed view from inside truck cab without window covers

…or this?

CleanandCool Premium Window Covers provide privacy

Make life inside your truck more enjoyable. Check out our premium window covers today.

You deserve it.