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Peterbilt Air Conditioner Coil Access Door Kit

Fits 1998–2010 Peterbilt Models—357, 378, 379, 389

Product Description

Getting your air conditioner serviced can be expensive.

Cleaning the air conditioner coil is typically required at least once a year under normal use. Neglect creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew to cultivate, contributing to foul and unhealthy air inside your truck cab.

Once installed, the Clean and Cool Access Door eliminates the need to remove any parts or discharge the system to clean your air conditioner coil. Mounted on the air conditioner coil housing, The Clean and Cool Access Door enables you to access the air conditioner coil from the front, and once installed it allows the coil to be easily cleaned.

Makes Cleaning Your A/C Coil Easy!

Just pop open the patented A/C Coil Access Door and clean.

No more mold, mildew and foul odors – just clean air to breathe!

Peterbilt A/C Coil Hinged Access Door Kit

Price: $249.99 For Complete A/C Coil Access Door Kit

A/C Access Door Kit Installation Instructions

What You’ll Receive With Your Order

With your order you’ll receive one complete Peterbilt Air Conditioner Coil Door Access Kit including everything you need to create a convenient access point to clean your Peterbilt truck’s Air Conditioner Coil of mildew, grime and odor-causing contaminants.

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